Ultimate Player Freedom, coming soon.

"You are in the Gigastructure, Level 2, your journey is just beginning and there is so much more to explore.

The Gigastructure is an environment that can only be describe by it's stories rather than what it is. Your fellow man is your biggest adversary here and without cooperation your chance of survival is a sure bet to be eaten by fleshbeasts, or slayed by those stronger than yourself. My bet is you get caught on fire, but that's just me.

Level 2 is where you begin your journey and is where you will learn the basics of survival, combat, constructing shelter, how to eat.. basically just trial and error on learning not to die. Death is permanent. 

Spending your time to learn what you can before venturing off into the many rooms and halls of the Gigastructure is important as each floor is comparable to a new world. You must learn and explore to get to the next.. each world has it's own ecosystem, life, people. It's usually a lot to take in, but for those who can get over it may one day get to an end."

    Gigastructure :0

Death is permanent. Spending your time learning what you can before you venture off into the depths of the Gigastructure is important because each floor is comparable to a new world you must learn and explore to get to the next. 

Cooperation is strongly encouraged as the dangers within the structure are impossible feats alone. Building or joining a Tribe will be the key to your survival. Bonded with trust, joining a tribe is more than clicking a button as you are bound to that tribe for the long run. These will be the people you live with, talk to, and get help from similar to games like Ark Survival Evolved, World of Warcraft, and even Minecraft's various Factions/Towns Servers except in this game you truly are bound. 

Combat in this game is as straight forward as it gets, if you find an item and you think you can use it to bash somethings face in you probably can. At war with another tribe? Scortched Earth is a viable plan. Maybe you simply want to be that guy and hide in a bush to jump people, do it. There are plenty of knives to choose from that would get the job done.

Construction has never been more dynamic. With inspiration from games like RUST, Terraria, Blockpedia, and more, we have designed a very useful building system that works great to help defend against the elements. Made something you don't like? With our pixel-by-pixel system in place  you can punch holes in walls with the right tool. Is that too slow? Building has enough of a cool-down that "undoing" your changes is simple. 

Our vision for this game is clear: We want to, and will provide ultimate player freedom. Your actions are your actions, your inventory is your player. Want to wear 15 hats? Sure, might be a little weird but you can. Think having a few armor sets makes sense? Just make sure to keep your weight under control. Not enough room? Make another backpack to carry those few extra items. Our systems are built for your experience within the walls of the Gigastructure, your journey awaits. 

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Level 2: Your journey begins here.